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Yorkies can be easily distinguished by their long beautiful coat of hair. Keeping your Yorkie groomed properly is important to keep their coat looking that way. In this article I will discuss some things an owner can do to keep their Yorkie healthy and elegant-looking. One of the most important tools a Yorkie owner needs is a soft comb. You should comb all the way through your Yorkies coat once a day to keep their hair clump-free, and untangled. Be sure to use a soft comb, because stiff and hard ones can hurt your Yorkies skin. It's a good idea to run it over your skin first to see if it hurts or not. Many Yorkies fear the word "bath", but its a necessary part of keeping a healthy and clean Yorkie. You should bath your Yorkie once every week or two, using some small dog shampoo and conditioner found at pet stores. Simply use some warm water with the shampoo and conditioner, and thoroughly clean your Yorkies body, followed by gently drying them with a towel. Be careful not to get any water or shampoo in your Yorkies eyes. Yorkies often develop mucus buildup around their eyes. You should check them for this every day. If you see some, just use a wet cloth and very gently wipe it off. Tarter buildup is a common problem many owners leave untreated. There are many different teeth cleaning products you can find at your local pet store, but I would recommend you ask your Veterinarian which one they would suggest for your particular situation. Just like us humans, Yorkies will need to have their nails trimmed on a regular basis. It is important not to trim them too short, as this will lead to bleeding. You will still need to frequently take your Yorkie to get professionally groomed. They will trim the hair correctly, check for ear mites, and give a good cleaning to your Yorkie. Grooming your Yorkie should be a fun process for both the owner and and the Yorkie. A good idea is to give your Yorkie a treat anytime you need to spend time grooming them. Before you know it, your Yorkie will start to love being groomed! For more information on Yorkies and Yorkie clothes, visit Article Source:


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