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Our Mission: To provide you with the best Doberman possible to meet your wants and needs. We believe we have the best European Dobermans available anywhere at any price. We have imported all of our breeding stock directly from Europe where they still have strong selection pressure. The dogs must pass temperament evaluations, and often must have working and conformation titles before they are given license to breed. Family Dobes has been raising and training Doberman Pinschers for over 20 years. We raise working family companions that have been used for Search and Rescue, Schutzhund, protection, family pets, obedience and agility, even upland bird and waterfowl hunting! Our dogs have the right temperament, color and conformation, you can't go wrong! We want to help educate you as an owner. We don't sell you a puppy and disappear! Our pups do cost more than many available out there, and for a good reason. With my education in Animal Science and genetics, we raise quality healthy dogs. We will have genetics discussions with you if you wish! I want you to get a high quality dog you will be proud of, that will live for many years of effective service. I also want to be a support to you and your new dog, and that will take time and resources. Isn't the help and education worth a little more? With dogs you do get what you pay for, and with many dogs they don't come with any support. We will help you raise and train your dog wherever you want or need help. We have several upcoming litters, if you are interested in Stud Service, a new puppy, or a started dog, call 801-636-8006


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Echo iz Zoosfery -X- Texas von Karpatia
This litter just may turn out to be the best litter of sport dogs I will ever produce! Texa is known to all of us as the missile, she puts her whole heart into her work and she will not quit. She would work all day if we would let her. She runs harder than any of my dogs on her long attack and jumps as you can see with all she has. Once she is on the sleeve she is there for good thanks to excellent foundation work with our friend Steve in Ohio. In her Bark and hold, she performs just as the rules describe "Harass the helper energetically" She does both, great harassing with much enthusiasm! Her prey drive is amazing, her defense sure and predictable, and she loves toys as long as they are tugs ;-) If she does not make a schutzhund three it will be all my fault. She is another daughter of EKO Royal Bell. This line has been so amazing we never overlook an Eko pup when it is available, and Texa just like Coco and Zenny has exceeded our expectations. Echo is new to us but he is an international conformation champion and is an IPO-1 having passed the Hungarian breed test as well. We are going to work on his Schutzhund 2 this Spring. Like Texa he comes in hard and fast with a calm committed grip, he loves to do his work and it is fun to watch his anticipation in his bark and hold as he is waiting for the game to get fun! He already has over 200 registered pups in Europe with most already winning conformation and working titles. He is a proven producer that was the number one bred to Male until we brought him here to use with our program thanks to the Piccolo family and their help. There really is a difference when it comes to Dobes, and although I think European Dobermans are superior to American Dobermans, there still is a difference in quality with imports. Ours are quite simply the best of the best in my opinion we believe like the Europeans that you can have great conformation and working ability, you simply have to select for both. This cross brings together two very unrelated lines for great health, phenotype and genotype. Why not have it all? Reserving only two pups early, don't miss your chance to have a Dobe like this. Pups should be born about New Years and ready to go about Valentines.
Email: steve@familydobes.comPhone: 801-636-8006