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Fancypoo4u Fancypoo4u has 25 years of breeder experience with top Quality AKC Yorkies and Poodle puppies, Toy, and Teacup sizes. Our puppies are hand raised and well socilized, accustomed to all home  environment. We like to offer the new Poodle and Yorkie Designer Dog breeds as well. All of my sweet babies are hypo-allergenic and non shedding. My goal is to provide you with a healthy happy puppy as your new next family member. I hope you will have many happy years with one of my little babies. All of my puppies come to you well groomed, wagging tails and giving kisses. Have fun browsing my nursery pages looking at my puppies.  You should find new litter anouncements, as well as price listings. I'm sure I can match you with just the right puppy for your families life style. I only have a couple of breeds available, at various times. Email me if you don't see what your looking for. Thanks.


Contact Info: Silver Creek, Ms



Home raised Yorkies

My Yorkies are not raised in cages. They are raised in Playpens in the center of my home. I'm here 24/7, unless I go to the vet for check ups. My dogs are my love ov my life. They are pre-spoiled for you. My Yorkies and Morkies have all of their maintence up to date, They play with baby toys that stimulate their minds.

I love to see them drag around teddy bears and then beg to be

We have both Morkies and Yorkie puppies available at this time

Email: Fancypoo4u@aol.comPhone: 601-886-7381