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I have 6 beautiful all black German Shepherd puppies that go on sale on June 5th! They were born on April 24th; there are 5 females and 1 male available. The parents are on site and are all black also, they are big and beautiful, the Dad is over 100 lbs and the mother is 96 lbs and they both are young and have alot of growing yet to do. These pup's will be large! At only 5 day's old the puppies weighed nearly 2lbs! At only 12 day's old they have opened their eyes, ears and they are starting to walk and are the cutest little butterballs you have ever seen! Parents are 6 ribbons registered which can go back up to 126 ancestors and puppies will be fully papered and registered at owner’s preference of ribbon selection. Please e-mail to jessicalynneboyce@yahoo.com there are lots of pic's of the parents now and the mother when she was only 10 weeks old too, and lots of pic's of the puppies at a day old and 11 days!  Additional pictures will be taken to show development and posted weekly!    

Email: jessicalynneboyce@yahoo.com

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State: MI