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Hey i am sellling a 4 month old pomeranian puppy. he has already been dewormed and nueterized. he comes with over 400$ worth of food, treats, toys, etc. always comes with a medium size cage. this puppy comes with a free training program (ask for more detail) he is a sandy color. loves to play with kids and LOVES bigger dogs to play with. call 732 754 3323 to visit or ask questions thank you

Email: spillzisfresh@aol.com

Contact Info: 732 754 3323

State: NJ


hey, i am selling a 4 month old pomeranian. he needs to go because he is a baby and i have no time to take care of him. he is already dewormed and nuetered which saves you hundreds of dollars. this puppy comes with over 400 dollars worth of stuff, food, treats, healthy treats, shampoo, colar, toys, etc. also comes with a medium size cage for easy training. This puppy comes with a free training program you can use for a life time for free ( ask for more detail ) you cant ask for anything more. the puppy, all its needs, and free training !!!!!!!!!!!!  I will only sell to a good customer that i feel is responsible. he is very good with kids and biig dogs. he is not scared of anyone or anything so introduce him to the world. please call 732 754 3323 for questions or visits.

Email: spillzisfresh@aol.comPhone: 732 754 3323