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I have an amazing, gorgeaus  1&1/2 year old male doberman for sale .He is very sweet, friendly,  and playful. He loves tennis balls and any toy you will give him. he has had his shots and ears cut.He is as healthy as a horse . He is a pig when when comes to attention. He knows how to sit, lie down, come fetch, and heel. I make sure he is always beside me when we go on a walk so he is not pulling me and im not pulling him...His name is Junior and he is lack with some broen markings on his paws and face. He is not fixed unfortanely and we never really thought of fixing him.We are trying to find him a bigger place to run  and to be exercised better. We walk him every night before we put him in his good sized kennel. I love him to death and i dont want to give him away. He is the best dog you will ever find.He is not aggresive and has never bitten anyone or anything... he is sooo sweet  and un agresive i can put my hands or arms in his mouth or in his food bowl and pet him while eating without bothering him.

Email: hannahjohnson96@hotmail.com

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State: LA