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Photos on Website. Puppies are born. We have four party pups two males and two females. I have placed a photo on the add of the four pups. For a more detailed view please visit the website. Since photos, pups of have had tails and dewclaws removed on the third day of life. The website is , if you have any questions please feel free to contact me by phone at 580 279-8382 my name is Preston. Boy one is black with a white chest and two white paws on his hinds. He is pretty small, probably going to be around 8 lbs at full growth. Absolutely adorable. Boy two is the largest of the bunch he has markings of a salt and pepper, but also has a white chest like boy one. He will probably grow to be 10-11 lbs max. This is gonna be the hard sale due to favoritism. I am a traditionalist with the salt and pepper schnauzers. He is awesome and he is already ruling the pack. Girl one is black with white splotches. She is pretty active and vibrant throughout the group and very cute. She will probably be around the same weight as boy one about 8 lbs. Girl two is the prize girl. She has wonderful parti colorings, white with black splotches and a few liver marks as well. One of her splotches is half black and half liver. She is extremely small, maybe end up in the teacup range, around 5-7 lbs. She is so cute, will make for a perfect purse pup.


Contact Info: 5802798382

State: OK