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At CoCi Ranch, we breed Toy Australian Shepards and Miniature Horses.   For our puppies, we love the obedience and ease of training of the Aussie breed but as with our horses we prefer the smaller size. So, our focus in selecting parents is two-fold: (1) great temeraments - we believe a dog should not take over your home but add companionship. We want to make sure that the puppies we sale fit in well with their new home and add to the family for the remainder of the dogs life, and (2) great looks - although most of our parents are registered as toys, we do not want to breed a toy look but rather strive to achieve as close to a full-sized Aussie look in a smaller dog.  Our parents run free on our ranch, but are kept on our property with an invisible fence (for their own protection as we have coyotes in our area). They love to help us with the horses, and love to play together. Our puppies are well-loved and well socialized. They get outside play time each day in a big pen in our yard, but also get daily play time with our family.  Our pricing includes tail docking (must be done within 4 days of birth and meets breed standards), dew claw removal (also to meet breed standards), first shot(s) and two wormings. We also provide a health guarantee, details of which are available to you in our contract when you purchase a puppy from us. We hope you'll keep us up to date on how your puppy is doing, including providing us photos as your convenience.  


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Mykonos was born on June 21st to Holly and Leo. He is a black-tri male toy Australian Shepard. Although not substantially so, Mykonos is one of the larger pups in the litter so will likely be at the high end of the toy range, potentially at the small end of the mini range. You can see pictures of his mother and father on our web site.

Mykonos is available in early August and will come with tail docked, dew claws removed, two wormings and first shot(s). I get first shots through the vet as my experience has been that vets ignore shots given by breeders and just start the series over. I don't like the puppies to be unnecessarily medicated so I've opted for vets shots to hopefully prevent this and save my buyers money and hopefully better protect the puppies by getting them into their shots series in a timely manner. 



Email: cociranch@cociranch.comPhone: 503+625+9639