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I have a Maltese that is pregnant as of 8.18.09 with a Yorkie. They are called Morkies or Yorktese. The mother is a Maltese who is 5lbs and the Father is a Yorkie who is 4lbs. There are going to be three in the litter as I did get a x-ray. The puppie for sale is going to be a girl and also pick of the litter very small. The other two puppies are going to family members. When you pick your puppy up you will get to meet both mother and father and the other babies.  The price is 1200.00 if you have any other questions please let me know! You also will be able to watch your puppie grow up to be 8weeks old then home to you for a forever home!

Email: sbelcastro1@hotmail.com

Contact Info: 407-538-2030

State: FL


I have a unborn puppy that is a Morkie the Mother is a Maltese and Father is a Yorkie the Mother weighs 5lbs and the Father weighs 4lbs. The mother is still pregnant and due any day now 8-18-09. There are three in the litter I did get a x ray done, Your puppy will be a female and pick of the litter the other two are going to family members. You will be able to meet the whole puppy family when you pick your puppy up. This puppy is going to be very small. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Email: sbelcastro1@hotmail.comPhone: 407-538-2030