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I have 6 half boxer half rottweiler puppies for sale. They should be available in November. I am unable to keep all of these puppies. They were born in the middle of September. They are solid black in color and very small. There mother is a fullblood boxer terrier and there father was a stray fullblood rottweiler. Pictures are available. Please email me at bthompson2009@live.com   I also have a Female Yorkie. Blond colored, bigger than normal Yorkies. She's very lovable and housebroken IF YOU TAKE THE TIME TO TAKE CARE OF HER. I'm unable to care for her anymore. She loves children & women.. sometimes doesn't take to men. Her name is Sophie. Email me at the above address if you'd like more info or pictures of any of these dogs.

Email: bthompson2009@live.com

Contact Info: 4792091756

State: AR