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 Yorkie Puppies ready to go home to a loving home. Very tiny will be 3 to 4 pounds full grown. Papers provided AKC & ACA , Pedigree Certified. Very smart pet and obedient companion, will love you and protect you by there alertness.   go to google: chino hills yorkies ca.    

Email: jackieejl@verizon.net

Contact Info: 909-628-4245

State: CA


 Yorkie puppies very tiny newborns T-cup

Papers provided Pedigree Certified

Very smart and obedient companion to have in you home.

Loving, happy, & alert little Yorkies

Very cute face, petite body, they are irresistible little Yorkies.


Go to google: chino hills yorkies ca. 

Email: jackieejl@verizon.netPhone: 909-628-4245 or 818-974