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DOGS = M & F Mini-Schnauzer, Salt&Pepper w/brownish highlights, 8 - 10lbs, ears natural, tail docked, bark at intruders and protect the home, leash trained, current worming, all shots including this year's rabies shot, not fixed, both house broken but you have to been stern with the Male and he has to be monitored when Females come in heat (he's a BIG stud!) - Scotty 4 yr & Sassy 3 1/2yr $250 both or $125 EA. F Pekingese, black, 5-6lbs, short legged, purebreed, no papers, not fixed and never had a litter of pups yet, gorgeous girl, 2 1/2 - 3 yr, beautiful coat & tail, housebroken and crate trained - Peanut $300 FIRM (she will make some pretty, tiny pups) MID PUPPY = M Yorkie/Chinese crested (Crestie), tiny will not be more than 4 - 5 lbs grown, small frame, black/white silverish tints, tail docked, ears stand up, papers, nice lines and personality, working on house breaking 1 hr here and there, playful, loving, likes to be petted - Scruffy $950 5013504051 Conway AR area          

Email: abandme33@gmail.com

Contact Info: 5013504051

State: AR