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Cream colored Golden Retriever Puppies. Born 3/14/2011 three females and seven males  ENGLISH CREME GOLDEN RETRIEVERS - SOUND IN MIND AND BODY. WE BREED FOR TEMPERAMENT AND BREED STANDARD. Always Quality over Quantity. We offer dual AKC and CKC registry. Show and Companion prospects available. Puppies Born 3/14/2011. Currently accepting deposits/reservations. All of our puppies are raised in our home and receive daily socialization. Puppies are all dewormed at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks old. We vaccinate against parvo distemper and continue using minimal vaccinations on our own dogs. We only vaccinate against parvo/distemper because the immune system of a puppy is still so young and we leave the rest to you and your veterinarian to decide because not all diseases are prevalent in all parts of the country. We wean our puppies onto a natural raw meat diet and then adjust them onto kibble prior to their departure. All puppies are microchipped using TROVAN ISO microchips which are the international standard. You will receive your enrollment information in your puppy pack when you pick up your new puppy as well as a wealth of information. All puppies are AKC registrable, which means you have the option of registering your new puppy with the official kennel club of Britain "The Kennel Club". We will of course walk you through this process. Please email us for more information.

Email: FuscoEnglishCremes@gmail.com

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