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We have a set of golden retrievers they are members of our family. We had a litter of puppies born on march 20,2011 they are ready to be apart of your family. We have had a litter of pups in the past out of these two and had alot of complements on them. Our dogs riley and Kadie throw very smart pups they would make good servous dogs.  We gave the K9 cop a puppy and at 8 months he is already learning commands to become a drug dog.  Riley our male dog is very smart he loves to play fetch all day long (on land or in the water). he has very good drive and grauds the ball (key things to look for in a servous dog). Both of our dogs are very loyal and sweet. Riley is very protective of me his is a momma's boy( he is 2 steps behind me any where i go).  He is the best dog that i have ever had!!!  Kadie is my little girls dog. she plays the role of our outside gaurd dog. I have not taught her to fetch but she is very smart also.  I have spent alot of time with riley ,because i bought him for a search and rescue dog. I just had a baby in December and the new baby has consumed almost all of my after work hours.  My name is Crystal call or txted anytime @ 918-448-9740

Email: ems_emergency@yahoo.com

Contact Info: 918-448-9740

State: OK


We have 2 light colored females, 2 medium colored females, a dark female and 1 medium colored male. Both of our dogs (mom and dad to puppies) are very smart and seem to throw very smart pups. I believe these puppies would make good servous dogs or working dogs. Both of the puppies parentsare very smart loyal and passive. A bother to these puppies from a previous litter will be a local drug dog with-in this next year.My name is Crystal my # is 918-448-9740 call or txted anytime

Email: ems_emergency@yahoo.comPhone: 918-448-9740