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One of the best kept secrets in the dog world, Irish Terrier pups are great family companions, these dogs are alert, friendly, and eager to please their owners. Quite mild and calm for a terrier. Their medium size makes them a good choice for families with active children. And on top of their wonderful personalities, they have a low maintenance hair coat that requires only minimal grooming.  If you need a smart and devoted dog for your children, or a hiking/jogging companion for yourself, you can't go wrong with an Irish Terrier. They even enjoy traveling! For a good look into the personality and trainability of this breed, watch the movie "Fire House Dog."  


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Often described as the dog with the human brain, a Standard Schnauzer is an extremely intelligent dog, with strong loyalties to its family. They would be best suited to an owner with some previous experience in dog ownership and training. Our Standards have excellent pedigrees, with numerous champions in most of their lines. We give our pups plenty of attention and affection so they are social and friendly when they go to their new homes. Our pups come with their ears, tails and dewclaws already done, registration and pedigree, a complete record of all their shots and wormings, and are health guaranteed. Shipping may be possible, depending on your location, on farm pick up is always preferred.


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