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Yellow Lab Puppies;  Ready for their forever homes.  We have 2 boys ($600ea) and 2 girls ($800).  Litter has been registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).       Born September 5th.  They have had all their shots + boosters.  Handled and loved every day.  They have been conditioned not to make alot of noise except when playing with each other.  I have the dam on property.  The sire appeared as if he could have come from the same litter they looked so much alike, except his head looks a little bit more squared or masculine.  Both parents are around 80 pounds..  The puppies we still have are evenly marked with a boy and girl white/blonde, and a boy and girl yellows.   If you are interested in a pair, we can come down a bit.       These dogs are bred smart and compassionate.  Handled every day.  Not just for feeding and such but good playtime with mom and a Great Dane we're fostering.  The site of it is so fun.  .


Contact Info: 541-474-6042

State: OR