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Beautiful (blue) female and male p.u.g. For those of you who don't know what a blue p.u.g p.u.p.p.i.e.e.s is its a color more rare than say an albino puppy. She is all white with grey spots on her, she also has unbelievably beautiful greyish/blue eyes. I'm posting a couple pics which are pretty but don't do her justice.

Email: carine.sou001@gmail.com

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State: NE

Mother, father and grandmother can be shown (live with puppies). Their grandfather is AKC certified long hair p.u.g p.u.p.p.i.e.e.s but the puppies are not certified. (one pic shows mother, father, grandfather in background/ other pic shows closeup of the father, the light colored fluffy apple head p.u.g p.u.p.p.i.e.e.sis the grandmother) 300
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