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Puppies are coming! Litter on the way! Tory (mom to be), is a German Shepherd Dog / Chinook mix, Sammy (dad to be) is a Collie. The result is a wonderful family pet. Pups will be 40 - 55lbs when grown. The goal is to have a very versatile mix breed (which we have nicknamed the 'Georgian Collie'), a dog able to do many a task, herding - sled pulling - tracking - home protection - agility - frisbee - assistance work - search and rescue - these dogs could potentially be used for almost anything, and would still make wonderful family companions. If your interested in seeing the puppies when they are born (late Nov. early Dec.) please e-mail.

Email: info-12paws@hotmail.com

Contact Info: 678-458-1158


an add was put up here on this site for 12PAWS dog training and offered Toy Poodles for sale. We no longer have toy poodles, but I can't get the add down! sorry for any confusion.
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