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I would like to introduce you to my yorkies: Our sweet momma Juliette is 4.5 lbs (she was my first yorkie and has just been retired from breeding), Abby is 6 lbs she is our big girl, Morgan she is 4.5 lbs, she is my sweet girl and our new baby Isabel she is 3 lbs and will top at the same weight as Morgan when she is full grown, and my stud man Romeo is 2.7 lbs and has 42 champions in his pedigree and is DNA certified. These are my yorkiebabies. We only have a litter of puppies once or twice a year. I am a small breeder, I breed for health and quality. My yorkies are under the close supervision of my veterinarian and my daughter who is a Licensed Vet Tech. They make sure that my yorkies are in the very best health. We raise our yorkies in our home with lots of love and attention. They are a big part of our family. All puppies going to their new homes, leave with AKC papers and shot records, Science Diet food, Pedigree on both parents, health guarantee and pictures from birth. From time to time I will post some pictures of other breeder's puppies on my web site. These are breeders that I would and have bought a puppy from and trust.


Contact Info: 758 6th Street NE, 256-586-3115

State: AL