Breeder Puppies

Title: American Bulldogs For Sale  
Description:  8 American Bulldog pure bread puppies. Alpha Blue Bloodline. All have blue eyes. Price is $400 per puppy. No trades, but willing to negotiate price. These puppies won\'t last long, normal price for American Bulldog puppies are around $600-$1000! Mother and father are on site in case you want to see them. Puppies are very nice so don\'t worry about them being mean!  To Contact: Call (602)-653-7187  If I don\'t answer then please leave me a message containing your name and your please mention that your calling for information on the puppies so that way I\'ll know who to call back with the information regarding the puppies thanks.  -Ryan   
Price: $400(Willing To Negotiate)
Phone: (602)-653-7187

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