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Title: Newly Boughten Siberian Husky Puppy For Sale! (Black/White)  
Description: Hello This advertisement is for our newly boughten “Siberian Husky Puppy”. We bought him from a pet store on Wednesday (5/12/10), we picked him up on Thursday (5/13/10). We are trying to sell him because unfortunately on the very same day that we picked him up, I was informed that my hours at my job were going to be cut and I am likely to lose my position. Me and my wife know that we cannot afford to take care of the puppy and the expenses that he brings. We are trying to sell him to a caring person, who can love and take care of him. Unfortunately we were not able to take him back to the pet store, due to store policy. Due to restraints we are trying to sell him as soon as possible. Let me tell you a little bit about the Siberian Husky • Only two months old (Born March 1st  2010) • He is a Male • He has not been named yet, due to the sudden change of events for us • He is black and white (Black on top of his body and around his eyes and forehead, with white on the bottom and lower head) his fur is completely soft • He has beautiful clear, smoky eyes • He is up to date on all his shots and vaccinations • We have all of his papers and history of his breed (He is legally able to be breed as well) • He is micro-chipped and can be registered at any time • He is very calm, this is one of the major reasons why we bought him, he is very good natured and relaxed, and he has not cried or wept at all with his time with us. He gets adjusted very easily and is not a hyper puppy, as most puppies are. • He is extremely friendly and will gladly play around and make anybody feel welcomed • He is very playful and is a very happy dog, he likes to be active and walk around and run. He also loves to play games and play with toys. • He is great with kids; it is in his nature to do so. Even though we do not have kids ourselves when we were at the pet store, kids would walk up to him and he was very gentle and kind We paid $1,540, so we are looking for someone who can match the offer, or can offer their best offer. We are willing to listen to any reasonable offer.  If you are interested in him and would like to see him in person. Please give us a call at (760) 277-5561 (Cell) or e-mail us at: or please respond to this ad. As I have said before we are trying to sell him as soon as possible, and we are more then willing to give you any information you want and if you would like to see him. Thanks! Hector  
Price: 1,000
Phone: 760-277-5561

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