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We are a small TICA registered Ragdoll Cattery in Grovetown, Georgia, about 10 minutes from Augusta. Our cats and kittens are never caged and are raised as part of the family giving them lots of love and attention they deserve.  We are dedicated to maintaining the quality and loving personality that Ragdolls are well-known for. We produce traditional and non-traditional (mink) Ragdoll kittens in various colors/patterns, such as: seal, blue, chocolate, flames in bicolor, mitted, lynx, and colorpoint patterns.   Our kittens are vet-checked, up-to-date on immunizations and deworming, and are sold with a written genetic health guarantee. Ragdolls will capture your heart and we hope you get to experience their love and devotion just as we do.  Please visit our site for more information about us and our Ragdolls, as well as photos.  Thanks.  


Contact Info: 706-836-4496

State: GA