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We are a small home raised T.I.C.A. Pixie Bob cattery. All of our kittens are given a lot of LOVE and ATTENTION to give our kitties EXTRAORDINARY personality and a "Wild Kingdom, Bob-Cat Wannabe" look!! If you have never had the opportunity to be around a Pixie Bob, you are missing a real treat!! Many owners call Pixie Bobs the dog-cats. They have that wonderful affection, “I’ll curl up on your lap and purr” cat personality, but they also have that “I’ll fetch a ball, walk on a leash, ride in your car, and stand by your side” dog personality. I have T.I.C.A. registered Pixie Bob kittens for sale now. They are from excellent Northwest bloodlines. They have wonderful faces, heavy brow, black tipping on ears with great ear placement, spots, and great color. Some are polydactyl (extra-toes) They are available to pet homes willing to care for that “wild” looking kitty in a domestic body.

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