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  Birman cats for sale in Rhode Island   
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Birman and Ragdoll kittens in south county Rhode Island near beaches and Connecticut casinos. Half hour from groton subbase.

  Breed Article: Sacred Cat of Burma (Birman)   
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An indepth look into the Birman breed, believed to have originated in Burma

  Shamandu Sacred Birman Cats | Hobby Birman Cat Cattery by FIFe   
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Introduction to the Birman Cats and our small hobby Sacred Birman Cattery. Information and Photos of Birmans.

  SiambaliRags - Birman kittens and Birman Cats   
    EntryID=3487   State= - Our Siamese Kittens - Traditional Siamese, Balinese, Tonkinese, and Ragdoll Cat Breeder in Florida

  Shamandu Sacred Birman Cats | Hobby Birman Cat Cattery in Agenti   
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Introduction to the Birman Cats and our small hobby Sacred Birman Cattery. Information and Photos of Birmans.

  Willowbank Cattery for a caring environment for your cat, includ   
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Willowbank Cattery is situated in an easily accessible but peaceful position four miles west of Bury St Edmunds Suffolk. We are also known for Trundlebury Birmans

  Alishma Birman Cattery, proudly breeding healthy Birman cats and   
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Alishma Birman Cattery - breeding and raising beautiful, healthy Birman kittens and cats in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. Site includes information on our gentlemen and Ladies, Kittens for Sale, Birman Breed Information and Photo Gallery.

  Silkencats Birman Cats, North Carolina   
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North Carolina Birman cat breeder, Birman cat photos & lots of info on Birman cats and kittens. Birman kitten growth article, Birman historical articles & photos, Birman standard & gloving chart.

  Marpole Cattery - CATS UNIVERSE   
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Mainly breed Exotic, Scottish Fold and British Shorthair cats. Sometimes will have Persian too.

  Birmans from Kyat Birmans   
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Birmans Cats

  National Birman Fanciers   
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National Birman Fanciers is an affiliate of Cat Fanciers Association, and breed club devoted to the Birman, also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma. NBF has members worldwide, publishes a quarterly newsletter for its members, and produces two all breed cat

  Birman Cat Breed   
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When looking for a birman cat breed as a pet kittens may be found at a local cattery.

  Doux Velours Cattery, Presentation of the Sacred Birman Cats   
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Doux Velours Cattery in Carleton, Gaspesie, home for the Sacred Birman Cats.

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  Khusi Birmans - Birman Breed Profile   
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Khusi Birman Cattery is located by the sea in Brighton, South Australia. Site includes, our cats, kittens available, kitten policy and Birman breed profile.

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