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  Adorable Burmese kittens   
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Burmese kittens. Our kittens are fixed (spayed/neutered) prior to being placed in your home, and arrive with registration papers, pedigrees, complete vaccinations, informational packet, signed health/sales agreement and sample of food. We do ship - contact us for shipping information as destinations and airlines vary. Member of PayPal.

  SABOKAH Burmese  
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Breeders of lovely burmese bred from top Australian lines. Burmese cats of Distinction!

  Forsyth Cats of Marbella  
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We are a small independant breeder of high quality Burmese and Bengal cats. We are situated in the beautiful countryside of Andalucia in Spain and our cats are bred with a very personal touch. All are extremely friendly and approachable and make ideal family pets. We have Silver and Brown, Spotted and Marble Bengal cats as well as Cream, Chocolate and Lilac Burmese cats. Please see and contact Diane soon.

  Ismisha Burmese & Singapura Cats   
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Burmese & Singapuras, bred for health, temperament and type

  Sacred Spirit Cattery   
    EntryID=3083   State=ID
We are a TICA, CFA registered Cattery located in Idaho (USA). We breed the beautiful burmilla, tiffanie, burmese, siamese/oriental, tonkinese and very small cats: toy-bob. Our goal is to breed healthy, strong, gentle, and beautiful cats, able to compete in world class competition. All of our breeds are characterized by a wonderful disposition and all make great family cats. Imported Champion lines. FeLV, FIV, PKD negative. All kittens have their two first vaccinations. Written sales contract (health guarantee with genetic health guarantee). Veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale. Ringworm free. We ship both domestically and internationally.

    EntryID=80   State=Australia
\"CURRELLEN CATTERY\" is a small cattery breeding the beautiful Burmese and Burmilla cat for caring INDOOR homes. Cattery is situated in Sydney NSW.

  Sacred Spirit Cattery   
    EntryID=190   State=ID
We are a TICA, C.F.A registered Cattery located in Idaho (USA). We breed the beautiful Burmese, burmilla, tiffanie,siamese/oriental and very small cats - toy-bob. Our kittens have wonderful personalities and become used to all aspects of life such as the company of children and other pets. Enjoy your visit

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