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  Cornish Rex pedigree cat breed profile   
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A summary of the history and characteristics of the Cornish Rex cat.

  Cornish Rex Cat Profile Breed Description and Photos   
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Cornish Rex cat breed profile. A description and photos of Cornish Rex cats. Personality of the Cornish Rex. Other cat breed profiles listed.

  Cornish Rex: FBRL Breed Page   
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Information, links, and international breeder contact information for the Cornish Rex cat breed.

   Iams Cat Breed Guide -Cornish Rex Cats   
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To learn more about your cat's breed, click on a link below. Or if you're still looking for the perfect pal, you can use our Cat Breed Selector to find the breed that's right for you.

  Cat Fanciers' Association: Breed Profile: Cornish Rex   
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An indepth look into the Cornish Rex breed, unique because of its

  Koshka Cornish Rex and Russian Blue Cats Australia   
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Cornish Rex and Russian Blue cats in Austraila. Pages highlight, Koshka cats, breed history, cornish rex coat, show cats, genetics, cat links

   Cornish Rex Cat Breed Information   
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Information on domestic cat breeds. Find out more about your cat and the their breed for a better understanding.

  Cornish Rex Cats cornish rex kittens for sale kitten lovers fami   
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Cornish Rex Cats and Cornish rex kittens present initial fragile appearance Our family friendly site offers Cornish rex kittens for sale ultra rex cattery welcomes kitten lovers everywhere

  Sicorn Breeders of Cornish Rex and Siamese   
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Breeders of Cornish Rex Cats and Siamese Cats.

  CFA Breed Article: Cornish Rex   
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An indepth look into the Cornish Rex breed, unique because of its

  Cats and Kittens Magazine Cornish Rex Breed Profile   
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The magazine of the best about cats. Useful information on feline care, health, development and environments. Breed profiles, stories about special cats, working cats, artistic cats and other unusual felines

  Fairydust Cornish Rex - Breeder of Cornish Rex kittens and Corni   
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Fairy Dust Cornish Rex kittens and cats, also Siamese kittens and cats in Minnesota. Pictures of Cornish Rex kittens and Cats.

  Beaconwood Cornish Rex Website   
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Looking for a reputable breeder of Cornish Rex's? Well look no more! On this page you will find names and numbers of responsible Cornish Rex breeders.

  =^..^= Cornish Rex   
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Web sites dedicated to the Devon Rex cat. This ring will link breeders, pet owners and Cornish Rex organizations.

  Cornish Rex Cats, Cornish Rex Kittens--Absolutely Cats   
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Information about Cornish Rex cats, Cornish Rex kittens for sale, Cornish Rex breeders websites and photos of Cornish Rex cats and kittens and more. Excellent photos of Cornish Rex.

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