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    EntryID=149   State=Iceland
Small cageless cattery we breed colorpoint persian and we are located in Reykjavík Iceland.

    EntryID=148   State=Iceland
Small cageless cattery we breed colorpoint persian and we are located in Reykjavík Iceland.

    EntryID=3565   State=Canada
persian and himalayan kitten for sale .comes from championne blood lines verry hight quality.verry good pedigree

    EntryID=62   State=Great-Britain-&-Northern-Ireland
Breeder of Himalayan and Persian cats. PKD negative Cattery.

    EntryID=61   State=Great-Britain-&-Northern-Ireland
Breeder of Himalayan and Persian cats. PKD negative Cattery.

  Catspaws - Enchantedpaw & Uberwald Cat Catteries   
    EntryID=32   State=Israel
Enchantedpaw & Uberwald Cat catteries, two small catteries from Israel Joined together in one web site. Specializing in Persians CPC, Himalayans & Exotics. PKD tested catteries.

  Welcome to Luvmyhimis Cattery   
    EntryID=72   State=NM
I am a licensed himalayan, persian, and exotic breeder in Albuquerque, NM, and have been breeding cats for 15 years. All of my breeding cats have been PKD tested, and they are FeLV-negative. I show CFA and TICA. I breed all of the colors including chocolates and lilacs, except silvers and goldens, and have lynx points occassionally as well. My cats are raised underfoot, so they have already adjusted to being spoiled and loved. Will ship worldwide, however I do look at quarantine requirements very seriously.

  Larix Himalayans and Persians   
    EntryID=73   State=Russia
LARIX is the small CFA registered cattery located in Russia. We breed Himalayans and Persians in different color with amazing charming expression, splendid and expressive eyes and very tender character. In our breeding we used PKD-negativ adult cats of Top blood lines Oakheaven, Whisperwood, Blueskyeyes, Cattrax, Bolo. From time to time we have Show quality charming kittens.

  (N) Joveel`s Cattery   
    EntryID=285   State=
Joveel`s was established in December 2002 and is a small cageless cattery located in the south of Norway. Our cats live together with us as family members. We breed Himalayan and persian in almost all color including lilac.

    EntryID=3082   State=Czech-Republic
We are a small cattery of himalayans, persians and exotics cats with the colorpoints and CPC. We are registred at FIFe and CFA. We are DNA PKD tested Cattery. You can find us in Czech Republic in Havirov. Cats are living in loving atmosphere, are equal members of our family and have opportunity to walk around the flat. Their psychical well-being and satisfaction are very important for us. All of our males, females and kittens are friendly, teached cleanness, playful, communicating. We offer only kittens with pedigree for breeding, shows, like a pet too.

    EntryID=214   State=CA
Himalayan and persian kittens, loving pets or breeder/show babies in all colors including chocolate and lilac. Striving for perfection in health, type and personality.

  Seal Point Himalayan male  
    EntryID=3596   State=CO
CFA Seal Point Himalayn Male. born on Valentine's day. So sweet and loves to have his belly rub at only 2 weeks old he lays on his back and loves me to rub him tummy. Very spoiled. Will not ship and will not sell as a breeder email me at

  El'Zadora Cattery   
    EntryID=216   State=OH
The El'Zadora Cattery was established in September 1999. We place an emphasis on the health and well-being of every cat and kitten in our cattery. Our breeder cats, along with every other adult cat in our cattery, have tested negative for FeLV and FIV. Our kittens are born, raised, and socialized in a loving, caring, nurturing household environment, where they receive constant handling, along with lots of cuddles and hugs. All our kittens are Grandchild-tested and Grandmother-approved. We strive to place our kittens into good, loving homes, and we are very selective in their placement. We care deeply about each and every kitten we place. We also occasionally place a retired adult.

    EntryID=3558   State=TX
We are a teeny tiny CFA home cattery dedicated to bringing bouncy, healthy Persian and Himalayan kittens to loving homes. Each meow house kitten is hugged and kissed to pieces and comes fully socialized, litter box and scratching post trained. We are a PKD/DNA, FeLv and FIP negative cattery with a written health guarantee; insuring you years of wonderful companionship. Please stop by our website, don't forget to visit the 'comments' page and see what all the (furry) fuss is about!

    EntryID=3681   State=
I have a small cattery in TN where I have been breeding and showing cats for over 25yrs. I breed not only for breed standard but also for personality and big wide open expressions with hugh round eyes. For the kittens safety they are caged until the age of six weeks from which point they are given free access to  run house. They are from PKD negative parents and come with a health guarantee and all of their shots.  My cats are from National winning lines that have allowed me to produce show winners myself so besides pets, I also have breeder and show cats and kittens available. I specialize in lynx points in the tortie, seal, blue cream and blue patterns and will be adding flames in the near future. All of my cats are raised with attention on optimum nutrition in a chemical free environment which, I feel,  produces healthier, happier babies. Stop by my website to read some of the informative articles I have on raising healthy babies. 

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