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  Gradach Maine Coons   
    EntryID=20   State=Australia
An Australian cattery specialising in Maine Coons. Breeding from Ausralian bred & UK & USA imports. Regional and National award winning cats. Tested for HD & HCM.

  Jacawaca Maine Coons   
    EntryID=43   State=Great-Britain-&-Northern-Ireland
We are a FIFe registered cattery located in Essex UK. We breed for health, temperament and type in all colours including solid and smoke. Kittens sometimes available for pet, show and breeding homes.

  (N)Celebrian`s Maine Coon   
    EntryID=152   State=Norway
Small cattery located in Drammen, Norway. Our maine priority is to breed healthy, good typed maine coon, with lovely temper.

  Maine Coon Cat Terzovia  
    EntryID=3573   State=Great-Britain-&-Northern-Ireland
Maine coon breeder located on the seafront at Ryde on the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom; offering general advice and information.

  Cooncerto Maine Coon Cats   
    EntryID=22   State=Australia
Specialising in Maine Coons only. Lines imported from USA. Red, Brown, Blue and Creme tabbies. Beautiful well socialised babies raised in our home!

  Lavender Love Maine Coon Cattery   
    EntryID=40   State=Poland
We breed our cats with love and passion. In our cattery we have cats from USA, DK and French lines. Our cats are tested for HCM and PKD. Our website is in English, German and Polish language. You are welcome to visit our website.

  Cattery Cooncity   
    EntryID=171   State=Belgium
We are Belgium breeders raising Maine coons in different colors and much Love .

    EntryID=31   State=
WaterCoons are a danish cattery with Maine Coons that put health and temper high, We have both Showlines, Foundation and polydactyl. A lot of colours and also white.

  Maine Coons Gone Wild   
    EntryID=177   State=New-Zealand
Beautiful, stunning, adorable Maine Coons; the perfect companion, entertainer, clown and best buddy you can get. Enrich your life with a Maine Coon and it will never be the same; you will ask yourself how could you ever live without a Maine Coon... they are worth their money and actually much more! Believe me, they are fascinating and magnificent! Mainly silver and brown tabbies: classic, mackerel and spotted tabby, but also blue and smokes.

  GloryCoon - Maine Coon Cattery   
    EntryID=195   State=Israel
GloryCoon - Maine Coon Cattery

  cattery van t\' Nachtegalenhof   
    EntryID=204   State=Belgium
I am a small breeder of main coons and I aim to sweet tempered and healthy cats . Please visit my website

  Telecoons Cattery   
    EntryID=60   State=CA
Telecoons Cattery is a small home based cattery located in southern California. We are registered in CFA and TICA. We show our Maine Coons in CFA shows throughout the Southwest. Our lines include Grand Champions, Grand Premiers, Regional wins in all classes and a National Breed win in Championship. We often have kittens and/or retired show cats available in most tabby colors - with and without white. Please contact us for more information on our Maine Coon cats.

  Battle Creek\' Maine Coon Cattery   
    EntryID=112   State=Germany
Small Cattery close to the dutch Border . Breeding with european and american lines in Show quality , most colours available. Often Silver and dilution , sometimes solids . Our Cats are never caged or declawed .We only have a few litters a year , our Cats health, look and also temper is our main goal . We shipp worldwide . Watch our website for more information.

  Amerrykoon Maine Coons   
    EntryID=47   State=TX
We have wonderful Maine Coons.. They are people loving, and very playful. If you don\'t know a Maine Coon, you are really missing something.. They are such wonderful pets.. We have some great babies... We have brown classic, and black and white, some torti girls as well. We have some smoke girls, and some calico smoke girls.. A pretty nice varitiy...Our pet prices are $500 and up.. We ship world wide, and shippig cost in the US range from $185 to $225.

  Shagcats Maine Coons   
    EntryID=102   State=NC
Small cattery raising RW/IW lines. Screened for HCM. Leukemia free. CFA/TICA reg.

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