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  American Shorthair mix kittens orange/black and Tabby   
    EntryID=109   State=CA
Adorable american shorthair mix kittens in all colors. Males and Females at kkranchdotcom 949-645-1995 We raise them in our home. litter box trained and initial shots given.

  Russeller\'s Cattery American Shorthairs   
    EntryID=225   State=LA
American Shorthair Classic Silver Tabbies, Brown Tabbies, Cameos, Black Smokes, Solid Blacks, and other various colors and patterns. Our cats are from national winning lines, guaranteed against genetic defects and come with a health guarantee. American Shorthairs are friendly, loving cats that make perfect companions for your family. We welcome visitors to our cattery to find the perfect kitten or come out to the shows and visit us.

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