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  Russian Blue, White & Black Cat & Kitten Breeders in Australia   
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Online directory of Russian Blue cat breeders in Australia. Locate a Russian Blue breeder by state, advertise your cattery.

  KittyCat :) Russian Blue Profile, Russian Blue Cattery Informati   
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Russian Blue Profile, Russian Blue Cattery Information and Russian Blue Breeders Listings. South Africa Cat Breeders and Cattery Listings. Online cat community for cat lovers, Find A Breeder, Find A Cat Club, Cat Show Dates, KittyCat Calendar and Cat Care

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Webring which groups together pages about the three Blue Breeds: Chartreux, Korats and Russian Blues. Breeders as well as happy owners of these breeds are welcome to join!

  The Big Creek Cattery   
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The Big Creek Cattery--Where your Russian Blue is waiting for you!! Site is under construction. More coming soon!

  "Giperbory"- cattery of Russian Blue Cats   
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Cattery Giperbory - elit kats of Russia in the Sankt - Petersburg

  Breeders - Russian Blue   
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Russian Blue cat breeders listed alphabetically.

  CFA Breed Article: Russian Blue   
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An in depth look into the Russian Blue breed, withits short, dense coat of an even, bright blue color with each hair dipped in silver

  AzureRusse Russian Blue Cattery Website   
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Looking for a reputable breeder of s? Well look no more! On this page you will find names and numbers of responsible breeders.

  CZARCATZ, Russian Blue Cat. The cattery site for beautiful russi   
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CZARCATZ Russian Blues is a CFA registered cattery located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I breed and show beautiful russian blue cats. You are invited to tour my site and discover the wonderful world of the russian blue cat !

  Russian Blue Cats, Siblu Cattery   
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The russian blue cat - comprehensive information from Siblu Cattery, located in Australia. Meet my russian blue cats and become familiar with the best cat in the world

  The Big Creek Cattery Russian Blue Kittens   
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The Big Creek Cattery--Where your Russian Blue is waiting for you!! Small town cattery with only Russian Blue cats. This is a new site and we will be adding more info soon!

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We are a small Russian Blue cattery in Washington.

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We are a small Russian Blue cattery in Washington.

  Russian Blue Cat - Love My Pet   
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Love My Pet offers you comprehensive breed information for the Russian Blue including sociability, aggressiveness, health traits, breed description and what to watch out for when choosing the right cat for you.

   Swaldiphary - Russian blue cats   
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Swaldiphary - Russian blue cats

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