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I have been in purebred dogs since 1974, having owned Papillons since 1982. I have finished numerous breeds, including Papillons, to their conformation and obedience titles.I bred my first Papillon litter in 1985 and have never looked back. I also breed and show the lovely drop eared variety of the Papillon, the Phal?ne. I would like to strongly encourage any potential Papillon buyers that are looking to purchase a Papillon, or Phal?ne puppy to contact me for educational purposes first. ***Not all breeders in rural areas have high ethical standards, or quality stock. ***Please contact me for more detailed information regarding how to find a healthy, happy puppy, AND a good breeder. ***Don\'t just buy because the price is cheaper; buy because the puppy is from sound, healthy,quality breeding dogs; raised in a healthy, clean environment; properly socialized,and the breeder is above board, and ethical as well. **All of these things are crucial in finding the right puppy, and breeder for you. Price should never be a determining factor when you are looking for a healthy, happy puppy. **I actively practice, and support, the preservation of this incredible little breed, and I strongly encourage others to do the same. For more information about the breed, the Phal?ne variety, or buying a puppy please feel free to contact me by phone, or visit my large and informative website at Thanks! Vickie Ehrlekrona

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