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The Basenji is a very intelligent breed and are loyal to their owners. The adult Basenji weighs 20-25 pounds when fully grown. They are a sight and scent hound breed and have a very keen nose for tracking game. They also can top out at speeds up to 35 mph. Basenjis are natural hunters and see/smell game very well. Basenjis will tend to be dominant in their behavior with other dogs. They require a fenced-in yard to keep from escaping when they are on the hunt. If they see a cat, bird or rabbit run across in front of them, they will chase it at all costs. Basenjis get killed by automobiles because they were turned loose or escaped their yards. The Basenji does not bark, but can make other noises instead such as a growl, a whine and or a yodel. They have a short coat and keep themselves very clean such as a cat does. They do not shed much and they are odorless. The Basenji does not require much grooming and they do not care to get wet. Basenjis love children if they are raised with them. They are easily trained and learn very quickly. If you are ready for a challenging companion, then consider owning a Basenji.

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