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We raise and breed Scottish Terriers with our main focus on health and longevity. We raw feed with meats that do not contain antibiotics, hormones or other toxic chemicals. We believe in natural immunity therefore do not vaccinate. Our Scotties live as stress free life as we can provide, large fenced yard with 24/7 access for the Scotties. They are family members and share our home and lifestyle which makes for a happy well socialized dog and puppies. We do not belive in using methods such as c sections and artifical insemination as a means to produce litters. Our puppies are healthy, strong and vibrant, high energy and free spirits which means they would not do well in a restrictive environment. Before we accept an applicant, we insist on references, a contract is required and before our next litter we will have enough applicants with deposits before we breed again. All homes will be checked out and we insist on a fenced back yard.

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