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Jordan Acres is a small kennel located in the foothills of Oxford County, Buckfield, Maine. I have 15 years experience in breeding dogs. This will be my 4th year breeding Boxers; my prior experience comes from breeding Doberman Pinschers. All Jordan Boxers are raised with my family and have plenty of socialization with friends, children, goats, cats and outdoor equipment. These pups are well balanced mentally and exhibit the typical Boxer personality. I have spent a lot of time and money to find top quality European breeding stock and I have several imports from Hungary, Holland and Argentina, currently being used in my breeding program. Therefore, Jordan Boxers do not look like the American Boxer because they have been out-bred with European Boxers in my attempt to bring back a more "classic" Boxer appearance and to help to remove some of the heart and hip health issues that are so prevalent in The American Boxers today. The result is typically a much sturdier dog with heavier bones, slightly longer coat, larger feet, wider jaw and more "chin" and a lesser incidence of heart and hip issues. I offer pups that are suitable for the show ring (better suited for German ring) Schutzhund work as well as being a terrific family protector and pet. Please contact me for more information on upcoming litters.

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