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Graf Gras is currently for sale, he is an impressive red male, about 100 pounds, 29 inches to the withers. He is a show champion of four countries, and he is a fully trained personal protection dog. It is important that you understand the level he has been trained to if you are interested in him, Graf has been taught decision making to respond to a threat if his handler is not able to command him to attack, someone jumps out of the bushes and rushes you, he will take them out, even if it is your brother playing a joke on you. He has had some narcotics training and will fire up on people using or carrying drugs. He also is a good judge of character, and if someone just doesn\'t seem quite right, he will fire up on them as well. This is a very serious dog, and needs a home where they will respect him and take him very serious. He has good \"outs\" even from a distance and he has had suit work, sleeve work, and is trained to live bite- how do you train for that? don\'t ask, I promise he will bite someone not wearing protective equipment which is a hard thing for most dogs to learn. He is awesome in the house, and he is great with kids and other dogs, his favorite handler is 2 year old little Ellie whose whole vocabulary was Graf and a list of his commands. Great food drive, great prey drive, very high in Defense. Loves to play Frisbee or fetch with a ball, loves to run and is an early riser. He comes with all of his Show records, and scorebooks, he has earned his BH in Schutzhund as well. Very serious inquiries only, requires a home introduction course at time of delivery.

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