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Silver Sage Danes has been raising and breeding Great Danes for over 10 years. We offer years of knowledge, care and quality breeding of these ‘Gentle Giants’. We breed Champion American and Champion European lines. Show and pet quality puppies and sometimes adults. Lifetime expectancies of over 10-15 years. We currently breed Blue and Black.Both parents are normal for thyroid and elbows and good on hips, OFA certified. We pre-test and screen for any hereditary defects and also for temperament before any breedings take place. We believe in breeding only to improve, enhance and carry on desired traits for the Great Dane breed. We strive for perfection in structure, longevity, confirmation, and temperament. We abide strictly to the Color Code of Ethics. We give our Danes the best in care, because we expect the best out of our Danes. Lifetime support and a 2 year health guarantee goes with every puppy adopted out. Every puppy is well socialized, temperament tested and raised in our home with us. Dew claws are removed and are all vet checked, microchipped and given appropriate vaccinations. Each puppy comes with a new puppy package to take home with them. If you have never owned a Dane, please do your research and make sure you are committed to owning and caring for a Dane. They are a very gentle, loving, and loyal companion. They require a lot of love and attention. They do not thrive well without human contact. Please e-mail or call us for an application and interview. Visit our website,  

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