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  The Subarashil Kennel is one of the Hungarian top breeders who breed COTON DE TULEARS, YORKSHIRE TERRIERS and BIEWER YORKSHIRE TERRIERS. These breeds, who has stolen our heart with their darling, playful nature, temperament and intelligence. THE SUBARASHIL HOSHI HIKARI KENNEL was established in 1996. Our kennel represented by own-breeding dogs and from all quarters of the world beautiful imported dogs. The puppies live as much loved family members in the home. They are seen by our vet, to be certain they are healthy. All of our puppies are happy joyful little creatures and well-socialized as individuals which reduces stress when they go to their new forever homes. Our numerous show-winners dogs live all around the world, at darling families. We are striving the most to do for our dogs’ quality and happiness, that also satisfied a dog and a breeder, let find happiness in each other\'s lives, because „ Is possible to live without dogs, but why for? ". We are honest and responsible breeders, with many references. Our dogs are officially registered with the Hungarian Kennel Club (MEOE), F.C.I. (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) . We are members of the French Kennel Club and the German Biewer Club. Our export pedigrees are acceptable all over the world. More informations about Hungarian Kennel Club. Enjoy your visit on our website and we invite you to check back often for changes and updates. Please feel free to call, or E-mail us anytime.

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