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Princess Petunia\'s Puppies is located in the hills of gorgeous Southern Oregon (God\'s Country!), out on 8 gorgeous  acres in the beautiful country. This is where I raise and breed the top quality line of dogs that you\'ve grown to expect from me. Princess Petunia strives to produce top quality pets and an occasional show dog. WE OFFER WHAT NO OTHER BREEDER OFFERS. YOU HAVE ACCESS TO US 24/7 FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR DOG.   I strive to select only the finest dogs and enhance the breed with every mating. I treat my job like a science, anticipating great puppies with each whelping but I\'m always expecting better. I don\'t just throw two dogs together. I watch how the puppies develop and age. I always want the perfect puppy that meets all the standards and then exceeds them. I am particular as to who adopts my "babies", so don\'t get offended if I ask you more questions then you ask me moral questions. I am a very scrupulous breeder and really care about where my puppies go, and you should be thankful for that as well. After all, this new bundle of joy is about to change your life. 

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