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Hello! My name is Joyce Schulte. I breed Pekingese and Peekapoo puppies. I am announcing my new website Please drop by and check out my beautiful dogs. Lot’s of pictures and valuable information on the breeds. I have included a short slideshow and a lot of great links for great pet products and services. New litters are Here now.  More on the way! Please stop by the site and check out all the particulars on my wonderful dogs. I love all my dogs and hope you will have the opportunity to do so as well. My email address is Joyce Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the Pekingese and Peekapoo breeds. I will respond as soon as possible. The website also has a link to Great Free Vet advice. I look forward to talking with you and hopefully placing a beautiful Pekingese or Peekapoo puppy in your home. Sincerely. Joyce Schulte / Breeder of Beautiful Pekingese and Peekapoo Puppies and 314-831-8059  

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