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  This precious little girl is just as sweet as can be!  Kloe is an incredibly cute baby who is absolutely irresistible. She\'ll be a perfect lifelong companion!   Kloe has a beautiful white short coat with very pale tints of cream. She also has a gorgeous brown merle spotted belly! Her warm loving puppy eyes will instantly melt your heart as she nuzzles up under your chin. Her favorite thing in the world is belly rubs! She loves to cuddle up next to you and roll on her back in hopes for a rub   She\'s still very young so her ears have not fully perked up yet (all chihuahua puppies are born with their ears folded down. Some perk up right away, some take a few months. Every puppy is different:)    She absolutly loves to gives kisses,  snuggle , and curl up with you any time any where! Kloe is an excellent foot warmer ~ she\'ll sleep in bed with you every night if you let her   We strive to create a safe and loving  home for all of our babies. We have everyone we know come see our little angels so that they get used to a wide variety of people coming in and out. By exposing our chi pups to a diverse group of people,  they get used to changing environments and people without becoming nervous. They know that every person they see will love and play with them, so they end up becoming the friendliest puppies possible!    Kloe will go to her new home with an informational packet about the breed, tips, tricks, & training ideas. She has already started litterbox training! She has started training using puppy pads inside of a small litterbox which is Perfect for apartments/indoor only dogs.   She is going to be a wonderful puppy for anyone who\'s looking for a chihuahua, and she\'ll love being the center of attention! She just turned 12 weeks old and is now ready to go home with you!

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