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Loyalty Kennels Valley Springs, CA Specializing in American Pitbull Terrier / American Staffonshire Terriers Here at Loyalty Kennels we specialize in American Pitbull Terrier / American Staffonshire Terriers. Our goal is to continue the legacy that these dogs have had for over a decade now by producing dogs with large chest, large block shape heads, and superior bone structure. We do not base our breeding off current hypes or bloodlines. We selectively breed to compliment the physical attributes of the dogs, without sacrificing confirmation. Our bloodlines consist of Powerline, Gotti, and Razor\'s Edge. We specialize in Blue Pitbulls but sometimes have fawns, blacks and various other colors. All our Pitbull breedings, puppies and dogs are raised in a family environment and are well socialized with people and other dogs. Because our Pitbulls are first and for most family members, stability and outstanding temperament are very important to us as well as consistent look and conformation. A loving and structured environment along with sound genetics give you the ultimate in a loyal family guardian. We will produce and keep producing the best American Pitbull Terrier / American Staffonshire Terriers in the world because we breed for Quality not Quantity. We are located in Valley Springs, California. If you have any questions about our puppies or anything else at all, do not hesitate to contact me. If we do not have what you are looking for, I am sure I can help you find what you want. I do this because I love the breed so I can better it in my own way.

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