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Show puppies are available occasionally to approved homes. Litters are done primarily to reinforce or incorporate needed traits into the lines. Therefore you can be guaranteed I am on top of the waiting list!! We do however welcome inquiries whether it is simply about the lines overall traits or specifically the availability in future litters. We are in the process of collecting frozen semen on those males we feel will have a strong impact in our breeding program in future generations. Individual web pages will be updated stating availability over the next year. It is my job as a breeder to ensure decisions are well thought out and done with the intention of producing better with each generation. A lot of thought and investment goes into finding the right match however we do realize that not every puppy is destined for the Show Ring. Sadly all too often breeds fall into the trap of popularity -- breeders must be the guardian of the breed and ensure each puppy is placed in the right home, hopefully the Manchester Terrier will maintain it's ability to stay under the radar and remain one of the dog worlds "Best Kept Secrets"

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