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Stabyhouns have been used through out ages as a guard and watch dog for the farms, but before all it is a hunting dog. It is very sharp-eyed, owns a good sense, works fast and quickly, and is specialized hunting in the watery areas and -specially in the dawn of it?s history- hunting foxes and other animals, which hunt game. Heavily built with beautiful coat Stabyhoun is equally perfect for the hunter?s companion, and as a family?s loyal friend. But, it is not fit to be just a family dog. Staby?s are eager hunting and sporting dogs, so they need lot of exercise and activities. By their nature, Stabyhouns are obedient, peaceful, kind and patient dogs, which are deeply fond of their family, and they always want to please their owner. Or as said by nature Frisian: "The Staby is reflecting a character of the Frisian people. Stubborn, straight, social and quiet, friendly but mostly a bit reserved for strangers".

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