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OUR DOGS WERE USED IN A NATIONALLY KNOWN THERAPY PROGRAM FOR HANDICAP KIDS .THIS COULD BE A VERY STRESSFUL JOB FOR THE DOGS SO TEMPERMENT IS A MUST! OUR DOGS HAD TO BE ABLE TO HANDLE CONSTANT CHANGE AND STILL REMAIN ON TASK AND ALWAYS FRIENDLY Come to Vision Kennel and enjoy the best! We are breeding a deep Red Standard Poodle with lots of flash and a great mind to boot! They move like a dream and are a great family pet. Puppies are available at certain times of year.Our reds are often the color of Irish Setters. All puppies come with two warranties and first shots and wormed. Puppies are raised around our small kids and all our other pets .Since we are breeding for intelligence our puppies usually house train in 2 DAYS! We have a great blood line. Our background is a mix of all the foundation stock of the reds. Our red poodles tend to be tall but light weight which was great for therapy. Easy to pick up and move around. Our Apricots and Blacks tend to be much heavier and bigger all around. We strive to have awesome temperaments and do Biosensory with all our pups when they are born for the first 10 days. Which should help increase their intelligence up to 30 %! We tested our parents. All of our adult dogs have been temperament tested. All necessary screening for known problems in Standard poodles has been done. We have never had a Vision Kennel dog test out positive for any genetic problems. We give two warranties on all of our puppies.

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