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ABOUT GIANT SCHNOODLES OF JOY: DOB 4/15/07. Joy WHAT: Giant Schnoodles are a Hybrid standard poodle Giant Schnauzer Bred Specifically for Service, therapy, Agility, Carting, Doggy Dancing, Obedience, Farm Work, Horse Following, water dog, & All Round Family Pet. They are energetic enough to do diverse dog sports & service, & laid back enough to be a couch potato. Strong Enough to Pull a Wheelchair & Cart, gentle enough for children & the elderly. Hybrid Standard Poodle X Giant Schnauzer. They are extremely intelligent , sensitive & trainable. ALLERGIES & SHEDDING: Non to Low Shedding, Hypoallergenic to most people. Ask abt our allergy test. CHILDREN: Giant schnoodles, are Great With Children. COLOR; Black or champagne (cream with darker points on ears & nose) SIZE: Usually 50 to 70 lbs TEMPERAMENT: Puppies are independently, professionally temperament tested to fit your family. The mother is always a poodle or schnoodle to get the wonderful schnoodle temperament. HUMAN IMPRINTING & SOCIALIZATION: I am a small breeder. I breed 1 or 2 litters at a time and give that those puppies human attention 24/7. This is human imprinting. They accept a human as their leader from birth. I start training them as soon as their eyes open. POTTY TRAINING: They start potty training at 4 weeks and are usually fairly well potty trained by the time they go to their new puppy parents, if the parents follow my instructions. You get a FREE draft of the book I’m writing on potty training. FREE TRAINING: Pupppy pick up Seminar will be June 9 from 2 til 6 PM approx depending on everyone’s flights FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT: Puppy parents get ongoing advice as needed for the life of the dog on the web site chat forum. NO NIPPPING: They are well started on “no bites, give kisses”. So most of the time these puppies do not go through the usual puppy nipping stage. INTUITIVE ABILITIES: the Giant Schnoodle of Joy has tremendous intuitive abilities: to do blood pressure alert, blood sugar alert, pain alert, seizure alert (not yet tested) Xena alerted, woke me when my blood pressure rose dangerously in time to get an ambulance & save my life. (read emails from puppy parents re other life saving by Giant Schnoodles) HEALTH, GUARANTEES: I am the originator of the Giant Schnoodles of Joy. I am the only one who does OFA genetic testing. Xrays Puppies are vet checked, have all current shots, are microchipped, health guaranteed & genetics are guaranteed Pedigrees are provided. All included in price. Check genetic testing at Registrations at . Xena was FEATURED IN LIFE MAGAZINE OCT 04. They did a huge interview with me and then didn't write anything I said. But the pics were nice. CONTACT: Joy 858 576 2273. Pricing & shipping are only discussed in person CHAT FORUM : Talk to puppy parents, get referrences about me, my puppies or get training advice, or input on allergies from other puppy parents, go to and click on chat forum. I give lifetime advice on dogs and puppy training on the chat forum. Puppy pics are updated & live web cam is often up so U can watch ur puppy grow. Carting: See PromotionsByPuppyLove to see these fabulous dogs pulling a dog chariot ABOUT GIANT SCHNOODLES: Giant Schnoodles are a New Hybrid Bred Specifically for Service, Agility, Carting, Doggy Dancing Canine Freestyle, Obedience, Farm Work, Horse Following, and All Round Family Pet. They are Generally Non to Low Shedding, Strong Enough to Pull a Wheelchair and Cart and Seem to Be Hypoallergenic to most allergy Sufferers. The Puppies, are Great With Children. Giant Schnoodles are Hybrid Standard Poodle X Giant Schnauzer. We are finding that the Giant Schnoodle of Joy has tremendous intuitive abilities. 2 of them and a giant schnauzer have shown that they have the ability to do pain alert. i.e. Warn me before I have a painful episode. Xena has alerted me and woken me when my blood pressure was rising dangerously. I expect that they would be excellent for seizure alert although this has yet to be studied. web site go to Puppies can be seen on live web cam

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