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Working Group breeders with puppiesDogs in the Working Group were developed to perform a wide variety of tasks, such as herding, carting, and guarding. These dogs are large, intelligent, and protective of the - from

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[ Akita ][ Alano Espanol ][ Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog ][ Alaskan Malamute ][ Anatolian Shepherd Dog ][ Australian Briards ][ Australian Kelpie ][ Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher ][ Bernese Mountain Dog ][ Black Russian Terrier ][ Bluetick Coonhound ][ Bouvier ][ Boxer ][ Bullmastiff ][ Cane Corso ][ Curly Coated Retrievers ][ Danish Swedish Farm Dog ][ Doberman Pinscher ][ Dogo Argentino ][ Dogue de Bordeaux ][ Dogue De Bordeaux ][ Dutch Shepherd ][ German Pinscher ][ Giant Schnauzer ][ Great Dane ][ Great Pyrenees ][ Greater Swiss Mountain Dog ][ Greenland dog ][ Hovawarts ][ Komondor ][ Kuvasz ][ Large munsterlander ][ Llewellin Setter ][ Mastiff ][ Neapolitan Mastiffs ][ Newfoundlands ][ Otterhound ][ Portuguese Water Dog ][ Portuguese water dogs ][ Rottweiler ][ Rottweilers ][ Saint Bernards ][ Samoyed ][ Schnauzer ][ Shetland Sheepdog ][ Shetland Sheepdogs ][ Siberian Huskies ][ Siberian Husky ][ St BERNARD ][ Standard Schnauzers ][ Vorsteh ][ Westsiberian laika ]

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Puppies for sale in sierra blanca  TX   wolves are . loving caring and protective . they go as assist animal . no flies or ticks . no odder . you can't me allergic to them . no parvo or heart worm . they get no health problems . they can live 30 years . all my cubs are born and razed in my home with my family . they have all shots , wormed and have papers . they are house trained and doggy door trained . they are grate and loving friends .
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The Tamaskan Dog - Wolf Dog without the Wolf The Tamaskan dog originated from imported sled type dogs from USA many years ago. These dogs were later mixed with Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd, the aim was to create a dog that looks like a wolf with working ability. More recently other wolf looking sled type dogs have been integrated to improve bloodlines. The Tamaskan Dog is a large, athletic dog. The temperament of the dog should be very friendly and affectionate without any hint of aggression or nervousness. Should give a wolf-like impression with coarse and thick fur, small ears and a straight brushy tail.

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Puppies for sale in Batesville AR   

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs, the ultimate in family companion and home protection. All colors avail. incl. Merle w/blue eyes. Show and working lines. $1500 to $2500 pet quality sometimes avail for $800-1000
115 Dry Bone Rd Ash Flat , AR (870) 698 1233
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