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Breed description:
Dogs in the Herding Group were developed to work with livestock. These dogs are highly intelligent and require lots of exercise.
Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Sh - from

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[ Australian Cattle Dog ][ Australian Shepherd ][ Bearded Collie ][ Belgian Malinois ][ Belgian Sheepdog ][ Border Collie ][ Bouvier des Flandres ][ Briard ][ Bullmastiffs ][ Canaan Dog ][ Cardigan Welsh Corgi ][ Collie ][ German Shepherd Dog ][ Leonbergers ][ Old English Sheepdog ][ Pembroke Welsh Corgi ][ Puli ][ Pyrenean Mastiff ]

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 Pei Fang Kennel infoView my puppies  
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Vi startet vår kennel i 1978 og driver oppdrett av Chow Chow, Strihåret Dachs, Norsk Elghund Grå og Engelsk Setter.Vi har opdrettet ett 60-talls championer og helse, gemytt og bruksegenskaper står i høysete.
7650 Verdal
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 Catahoula Cur Dogs, aka Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs infoView my puppies  
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A place to post pictures, ask questions, and find buyers and sellers of the state dog of Louisiana, the Catahoula. The Catahoula is a southern tradition and geniune slice of American history. This versatile hunting/herding dog is unmatched in heart and intelligence, the product of long ago union of Spanish (mastiff) war dogs and the Louisiana red wolf by native Americans in the Catahoula Lake region of Louisiana. Sponsored by Panhead Kennel, Youngstown, Florida.

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