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 Info about Ironside American Bulldogs
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newton Puppies for sale in Newton United-States   Dedicated to the preservation of the American Bulldog since 1996 through selective breeding, training and educating the public.  Championship bloodlines, no bull all Bulldog....
(973) 579-9779
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Teacup Chihuahau advert  
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newton Puppies for sale in newton IA     Small, one-person dog, 12 months of age, 8 inches to the shoulder and 4 pounds; they are loyal and intelligent and especially good at learning tricks. These pint sized pooches are clever and chalk full of attitude. Makes the perfect pal for anyone interested in a long-term companion. If you are a first time dog owner, or are looking for a companion who will never leave your side and is good company, Chihuahuas are the perfect breed for you. Just remember that this breed needs your constant care and attention.

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