Breed description: The Samoyed dog takes its name from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia. An alternate name for the breed, especially in Europe, is Bjelkier. These nomadic reindeer herders bred the fluffy, white, smiling dogs to help with the herding, to pull sleds when they moved, and to keep their owners warm at night by sleeping on top of them.

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  Stardan Kennels
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Stardan Kennels is located on 35 acres in Montrose PA, USA. We have been showing and exhibitting Samoyeds, for over 35 years and have had top 10 and National Specialty winners. We also have had LH Dachshunds for 15 years, and Pointers. We professionally handle all breeds at both AKC and CKC shows. We are a family hobby as, all the children show and exhibit their own dogs in the breed, junior showmanship, obedience and agility. We also dabble in other performance areas...field trials, weight pulls and herding tests. We have professional grooming, handling,champion stud service for Pointers and Samoyeds and puppies for Samoyeds. Thanks for considering our site. Debby, Steffany and Justin Jahnke
RR1 Box 232A, Montrose, PA 18801
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