Breed description: The Parson Russell Terrier is descended from early primarily white-bodied foxing terriers used in the hunt field. At the end of the 19th Century, these dogs were drawn into the Kennel Club as "fox terriers,"

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  Emerald Fox Kennel
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Emerald Fox Parson Russell Terriers is a small kennel in the Piedmont region of South Carolina specializing in a very few outstanding quality AKC & UKC Registered Parson/Jack Russell Terriers. We accept nothing less than a complete terrier which is one of genetic soundness, with the temperament to be a household pet, the presence, structure and movement to be an AKC/UKC champion and the hunting instinct to work quarry underground as these terriers were bred to do more than a century ago. We subscribe to the theory and practice that a show dog must work and a working dog must show. But at the end of the day we live with our terriers as members of the family. We demand the same of any terrier we breed to and any terrier we add into our kennel. Our terriers (adults and each litter produced) are BAER tested for normal hearing, we annually CERF test and do not breed to or breed a terrier that has not been tested. We breed very selectively and rigorously interview all potential buyers. Our terriers are guaranteed healthy of mind and body.
320 Tripp Road, Piedmont, SC
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